We understand that workplaces can get quite busy. We also understand that busy workplaces often deserve the best of foods to remain focused. That is why our office grocery delivery service aims to eliminate the need for you to go out an pick out groceries for the cafeteria each and every week. We take care of all the office kitchen needs, fresh every time!

How it works

Search for the items you want, add them to your cart, pick your 2-hour delivery window, and pay online with your credit card. Choose from the same selection you’d find in-store, at the same prices you’d expect in-store, without ever having to actually go in-store. We do all the sorting, packing, and hauling, so the only finger you have to lift is the one you use to click.

Where and when we deliver

Monday through Friday, we deliver freshness to workplaces throughout the downtown Vancouver core, the North Shore, West Vancouver and Surrey. Not sure if your office is in the Fresh St. Market delivery area? Send an email or place a call to Shawn Cody, our dedicated business delivery manager. Shawn can be reached by phone at 1-855-398-8181, text at 778-836-9700 or by email at shawnc@georgiamain.com

What we deliver

You name it. We deliver it. Need some healthy snacks to get everyone through the 3pm slump? How about some organic fruit and produce to keep the fresh ideas flowing? Morning meeting? We’ll start your day with cereal, yogurt, and fresh-baked bakery items. Coffee? Of course we have coffee. Tea too! And everything your staff would need to make it their own. Lunch and learn? Try our boardroom platters of fruit, veggies, sandwiches, and more! Special event? We have ready-to-bake pizzas, pies, and birthday cakes - all made fresh in-store. And to wash it all down, we’ll deliver all the juice, pop, and water you need. The whole grocery store is right there at your fingertips.

How much

Start by placing a minimum order of $40. You'll soon discover that you have a whole grocery store available to you at the click of your mouse or the swipe of your smartphone. You will always pay grocery store prices even when items are on sale! Delivery to your door, breakroom or coffee-station is only $9.99 and we always come with a smile. 

Our team

The staff at Fresh St Market. are all about service. We’re here to help you build a program that’s just right for your business. Whether that means gluten-free, or gluten-full. Dressing on the side, or extra sauce. Green olives, not black ones. Or, black olives, definitely not green ones. We’ll do our very best to get you exactly what you want when you want it - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Because we want you and your staff to eat well, feel good, and love your Fresh St. Market experience.