Fresh St. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I contact Fresh St.

Got a question? Call 1-855-398-8181

We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 8AM-6PM. Alternately try email using our handy form that can be found on our contact page.

How do I schedule a delivery?

Scheduling a delivery is easy. In the top right mini-cart we let you know the earliest available delivery slot. Once you have completed your order you can proceed through the Checkout and select your specific delivery day and time.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Checkout button.

Step 2: Enter the billing address from your credit card. If your delivery address is different from your billing address, you can enter a that address at this step of the checkout process. 

Step 3: Schedule your delivery date and time. We allow you to order up to 6 days in advance and this screen identifies the available delivery slots. Choose here and enter any delivery instructions that you may have. Remember that you have to be home or have someone who can sign to acknowledge the delivery when we show up.

Step 4: Enter your credit card information. Credit Card purchases are processed by Moneris and your card information is never stored on our servers. 

Is there a minimum shopping amount?

Yes, our current minimum shopping amount is $40.00 not including taxes, fees and delivery charge. If you are having difficulty reaching this amount, try to find a few products around your household that you are close to running low on. We suggest checking your bath tissue, dish soap, shampoo or laundry detergent. Be sure to check our specials too as we always have a great selection of products that are essential pantry staples priced to make you smile!

Can I register several delivery addresses?

At Fresh St. you have the flexibility to update your delivery address on an order by order basis designating different addresses for each order placed. Please note however that each order must fall within the current delivery area. The Fresh St. website only allows for the storage of 1 primary delivery address. 

Can I change my delivery time/address after I’ve ordered?

YES! However, since your order is transmitted to our picking staff immediately after you receive confirmation, we will manually need to make changes to your order in our system. To make delivery changes please call our customer service line as soon as possible. You can find our contact information included in your order confirmation email and on our website under the “Contact Us” page.

Can I return goods?

With 100% satisfaction our goal, we are pleased to offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee on items you are not satisfied with.

Simply return the product to the originating store along with your receipt and the credit card that the order was charged to and any of our cashiers will be pleased to process a full refund to your credit card account.

Please note that delivery drivers are unable to accept or process or accept returns.

When will I get my groceries?

During the checkout process you are given the option to select a time slot for delivery. The system will allow for delivery in as little as 2 hours (depending on time slot availability) or in as many as 6 days in advance. 

What does it cost?

Fresh St. charges $9.99 for our delivery service. Orders must be valued at minimum of $40 before taxes, deposits and delivery fee in order to qualify for delivery.

Why is there only an estimated total? 

Please note that your shopping cart total is an approximation due to small variances that can occur with weighed items. When you order we preauthorize your credit card for the approximate total of your cart plus 10% to allow for such possible adjustments on weighed items. The final charge to your credit card will occur the day after delivery, and will only be for goods actually received. We will never charge you for more than the pre-authorized amount.

Every effort is made by your personal shopper to get weighed  items as close to the ordered amount as possible.

How do I know my order has been received?

Once your checkout is successful, we will automatically send you an email to confirm your order information, including the address, phone number, selected delivery day and time, items chosen, and approximate order total (the actual total may vary due to any random weight fresh items in your order) If you do not receive the confirmation email message, please contact our customer service line.

Is the website safe?

YES! Your privacy and security are paramount. You can be confident that shopping with Fresh St. is safe and secure. If you would like further information, please review our Security and Privacy Policy here.

What happens to my personal information?

Any information that you provide us during registration or any other means is protected and handled with the utmost care and security. It will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. Click here to view the Fresh St. Security and Privacy Policy.

I’m not receiving the Confirmation of my order via an email, what can I do?

The most common reason that you would not receive an email from us is that your internet security is blocking our emails and marking them as Spam. To avoid any further disruption, please add our email address to your Safe Senders list. Please call our customer service team and we can help you troubleshoot this problem by sending you test emails and walking you through some steps. If these efforts fail, you may have to contact your internet service provider.

I’m not receiving my Account Registration Confirmation email, what can I do?

The most common reason that you would not receive an email from us is that your internet security is blocking our email address and marking it as Spam. To avoid any further disruption, please add our email address to your Safe Senders list. Another possibility is that your email address has been entered wrong during the registration process. Please call our customer service team and we can help you troubleshoot this problem by sending you test emails and walking you through some steps. If these efforts fail, you may have to contact your internet service provider.

I’m having problems navigating Fresh St., what can I do?

We have optimized our website to run efficiently on many browsers and devices, however problems still may occur. Here are a few simple steps that can "clean-up" a lot of navigational issues: 

  1. Try Refreshing the page.

  2. Go to your internet settings window:

    1. Delete browsing history.

    2. Delete cookies

    3. Delete Form Data

    4. Delete Temporary Internet Files

  3. Download the latest updated version of your preferred browser.

  4. Try a different Web Browser.

  5. Try a different Device.

If all else fails, contact out customer service line and we will try to help you however we can. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

My Account - Fresh St. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to register?

You can browse the site without registering. However, for you to be able to complete an order you must first accept our terms and conditions. This is completed when you complete the registration process.

How do I register?

Click on the Sign Up tab on our home page, or on the side of every page where the login/ sign up box is located. Next, fill in the required information. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email from Fresh St. Direct asking you to confirm and activate your account with us. If you do not receive an email you can request another email. 

If you are having troubles registering, please call our customer service line and we will be happy to help you complete the process over the phone.

Once I have completed my registration can I place an order?

Yes, you will be able to shop and complete an order as soon as you complete your registration. You can select your items by viewing the various departments and their categories. We also have a search feature to help you find the product you are looking for quickly. Once you have filled your cart with the groceries you would like to order, click “Checkout now” in your cart to begin the checkout process. This is where you will select your order preferences.

Okay, I have registered… How do I log in the next time?

Once you have completed the registration process and activated your account all you need to do is enter your User Name and Password in the appropriate boxes on our home page or on the sidebar of every page. Your username and password should have been supplied to you during your registration process.

How do I change my account details?

You can view or change your account details by clicking on “My Account” and logging on with your User Name and Password on the right side of the screen. Enter your changes and, once completed, click on the "Save" button and your account will be updated with the new information you have entered.

What if I forget my password?

On the main home page, directly below the password box, click on “Forgot your password?” You will be asked to supply your User Name and Email Address, once completed, the system will send your password information to your email address on file.  For your security, the password supplied in your email will be a temporary password. Once you login with this temporary password, you will be prompted to change it.

How do I change my password?

Click on “My Account” and then logon to the website with your User Name and Password. Under the "User Name/Password" tab, enter your new password in the appropriate area and click “Save”. Your new password will take effect immediately.

What if I have forgotten my User Name?

If you forgotten your User Name please contact our Customer service line and one of our representatives can help get this information to you.